Age Spot Removal: IPL/Photofacial with the Sciton BBL

$ 299.00

Full Area


Brown spots, known as lentigines and ephelides to the dermatologist, on the face, arms, legs, hands and feet can be treated with broad band light (BBL) in most light to medium skin types.   This treatment is recommended any time of year, on skin that is not tanned/burned or colored with a false tanner.  If you have a tan or burn, it is recommended that you wait at least three weeks before having this treatment.  The treatment can be done either full coverage or spot treatment.  Full coverage would be recommended if you have multiple small spots in the background of larger spots.  This treatment is best done by a skin specialist who can determine the benign nature of your brown spots being treated and whether this treatment is best.  At Alpine Dermatology, your procedure will be done by one of our board certified dermatologist or by one of our master estheticians who is trained and supervised by one of our board certified dermatologists.  You will not find this level of expertise and supervision at any other laser center in Utah.

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