• Mole Removal

Mole Removal

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There are many different types and sizes of moles.  Moles can be flat or raised and should be nice and uniform in color and shape.  Some moles can be quite large and excision removal is indicated.  Some moles are skin colored and are unsightly.  These moles can easily be removed either by a shave excision where the mole is shaved down so it is flush with the surface of the skin, or, moles can be excised or completely cut out. Shave removal of moles usually leads to less scarring than excision.  

The cost of mole removal depends on the size, location and method which we use to remove it.  

To get pricing on this procedure, you can come to our office for an appointment, or you can submit a photo to our online clinic for an evaluation.

When a mole is cosmetically a nuisance, insurance does not usually cover it.

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