• Cryotherapy for Lentigos
  • Cryotherapy for Lentigos

Cryotherapy for Lentigos

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Cryotherapy for Lentigos - Sun Spots - Freckles

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Lentigos are like large freckles.  They are caused by sun damage and can be very easily removed with cryotherapy.  Cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the very superficial layer of the skin where the lentigo is.  This area will swell up a little, with turn pink and then will dry up, turn dark and will peel off.  It is very important to apply a layer of TrueLipids BooBoo Balm to the area twice a day to prevent the wound from drying out and scarring.

Some lentigos cannot be treated this way because they are either too plentiful or they are abnormal looking.  When there are too many lentigoes to treat with liquid nitrogen, a great option is to get a photofacial.  When a lentigo is very dary brown or if it has any black component to it, it is prudent to have it biopsied to rule out melanoma.  The superficial form of melanoma can sometimes begin withing a lentigo.



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