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Celluma Device

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Celluma is a very unique light therapy device.  The Celluma contains three different wavelenghts of light including red, blue, and infrared light.  Each wavelength of light in the Celluma pulsates at a different rate anywhere from 400 to 800 times per second! NASA-based research showed that these rates of pulsation allow more efficient metabolism and help to turn on certain wound healing and anti-inflammatory pathways.
At the Alpine Dermatology & Laser Center, we use the Celluma as a take home acne treatment and we use to help speed the healing process after certain laser procedures and for treating some patients who have chronic pain of their joints.
Dr. Eberting's experience with the Celluma and acne:  When used daily for a few weeks, the celluma has make it possible for some patients to completely stop their oral antibiotic medications.  
Dr. Eberting's experience with the Celluma and chronic pain:  Most remarkable in Dr. Eberting's experience is the exceptional ability of the Celluma to treat chronic pain in many her patients.  It seems that joint pain that is inflammation related will respond best to this device.  Nerve related pain does not seem to respond as much as inflammatory pain does.  One of Dr. Eberting's patients who is 70 years old and has had FIVE knee surgeries and whom could not kneel down, use the Celluma two times and was able to discontinue his daily pain pills and was able to kneel down and go up and down a ladder without pain for the first time in over 30 years!  While the Celluma is not effective in all types of pain, it seems to excel in treating inflammatory pain.

More informaiton:  Based on NASA research, Celluma delivers blue, red and near-infrared light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions. Each wavelength is absorbed by different molecules that act as a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes. For example, some reduce inflammation and some kill bacteria, while others enhance localized circulation.
Patented, pulsed-wave technology controlled by proprietary software algorithms add to the applicability of the Celluma. It is a polychromatic device that delivers blue (465nm), red (640) and infrared (880) light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions easily and affordably, both in a professional setting and at home. Its unique flexible design and extra large light panel (over 15” x 8”), facilitates effective energy absorption by tissue and molds closely to the body to treat a wide variety of ailments. Its flexibility affords previously considered “awkward” areas such as elbows, shoulders or ankles to be treated with ease. In addition, Celluma’s portable, affordable, lightweight design permits easy and frequent patient use and does not require monitoring during the treatment session. For practitioners, using Celluma increases services and revenue as the device may be used in clinical setting to generate revenue fees as well as resold, or rented, to patients for significant profit. There are no known adverse effects to either practitioner or patient. Compared to low-level light therapy delivered by certain lasers, there is no harmful thermal effect to tissue and no danger to the eye. This makes the Celluma a viable, safe, and affordable alternative to cold lasers which have similar indications-for-use. As a Class II Medical device the Celluma can be used to alternatively or adjunctively treat patients/clients and optimize outcomes. While benefiting your patients, the Celluma generates new and ongoing revenue streams without incurring additional overhead, staff, or significant financial investment.

Based on scientific research pioneered by NASA, the Celluma is a specialized light energy device FDA Cleared to treat: Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris, Diminished Local Blood Circulation, Muscle & Joint Stiffness, Muscle Tissue Tension, Muscle & Joint Pain, Muscle Spasm, and Arthritis. Celluma also has two additional FDA indications pending for Skin Rejuvenation and Sun Spots. These are expected shortly.

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