• Botox or Dysport for Sweating, Hyperhidrosis

Botox or Dysport for Sweating, Hyperhidrosis

$ 1,100.00


Botox is Not Only for Wrinkles:

While Botox & Dysport are most well know for their ability to treat wrinkles, they are also very effective for many other problems including excessive sweating, migraines and possibly even depression.

Botox or Dysport for Hyperhidrosis and Sweating:

Botox is also used very effectively to treat sweating of the hands, feet, scalp, face and neck.  Results are very reliable and have lasted up to one year in some of Dr. Eberting's patients.  If you are suffering from uncontrollable sweating or embarassing sweating that prevents you from living your life, consider treatment with Botox to control your sweating.  You will not regret it. Cost is $950 for hyperhidrosis treatment.  This price covers treatment of both hands OR both feet OR both arm pits OR one scalp

Botox or Dysport for Migraines:  While this is not an FDA approved indication for Botox, we have many patients at Alpine Dermatology who see major improvement from their migraines when they are treated with Botox.  Improvement usually sets in withing 2-4 days and lasts 3-5 months.  We counsel our patients to be sure to get follow-up treatments before Botox wears off to prevent recurrence of the migraines. Cost varies, so please get an on-line or in-person consultation for an accurate quote.

Botox or Dysport for Depression:  This is also not and FDA approved indication for Botox, but there are now a few studies that show some significant improvement in depression when people are treated with Botox in the glabellar area (between the eye brows) and the forehead. The cost is variable depending on the person so please get an online consultation or an in-person consultation so we can tell you exactly what it will cost.

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