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50% Off Laser Hair Removal for One Small Area

Laser Hair Removal is great for all of those pesky hairs on the cheeks, neck and hairline. We usually recommend 8-10 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. This way we will treat the hair follicle in every phase of growth. This will result in maximum effectiveness. 

For the month of June only, we are offering an amazing special that is perfect for that great man in your life. Click 'Schedule Now' to sign up. A member of our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our Maser Estheticians. 


                 How much down time? There is no downtime with this treatment.

                 What will my skin look like after treatment?  Your skin may be slightly red but you should be able to return immediately to work.

                How painful is this treatment? This treatment is considered slightly uncomfortable but very  manageable. Some areas may be more sensitive than others.

               When will I start noticing improvements?  Some improvement may be noticed after the first treatment, however, for complete results, you will need at least 8-10 treatments

                Why do I need 8-10 treatments?  During every treatment, we attack the hair follicle. You hair follicles have different phases of growth. Because of this, we recommend 8-10 treatments to treat the hair follicle in every phase of growth. That way, you will see complete results.

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