Personalized Acne Treatment

Personalized Acne Treatments

We specialize in acne treatment for both teenagers and adults. We have many different options that will  get make your skin looking and feeling its best. We have a three-step process consisting of  analyzing your skin, customizing your regimen, and then creating a maintenance regime regimento keep your skin clear.

A New Experience of Flavor

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 Your Treatment Plan will  Include:

Analyze: Your skin, symptoms, possible causes and other related medical concerns will be  discussed with one of our certified  dermatologists  in a short, efficient visit. The doctor will examine your face, chest and back and determine which skin care regimen will effectively help improve your skin tone and texture. 


Customize: After an the examination, your doctor will create a customized, unique regimen for  you and your skin. Our skin regimen consists of a face wash, serum and personal  compounded  medications. The compounds are made at a specialty pharmacy that uses our Truelipids® Lotion as the base. The Truelipids® lotion base will help reduce redness, inflammation and evenhelp slow the signs of aging. 

Maintain: Once your skin reaches optimal clarity, you will then be transitioned to a maintenance  regimen to keep your skin clear, smooth and acne acne-free.

Acne Treatment FAQ's: 

How long will it take to start working? Everyone's skin is different. You should start to notice an  improvement within one month. You may not see complete results until a few months later.  

What makeup is recommended? We recommend Physicians Formula®, Bare Minerals®, orNeutrogena®.  

 What about Accutane®? We do prescribe Accutane®. Accutane® is time consuming (you will be seen  once a month for 6-8 months, or longer depending on your dose, weight and how you handle the side  effects) and can have unwanted side  effects, because of this, we start most patients out on topical  medications. If the topicals are not helping, we will then prescribe Accutane®. If you have tried  many  topical medications ( and have been completely compliant with the regimen), or have severe scarring,  you may be a candidate for Accutane®.  

Do you prescribe oral medications? We will sometimes prescribe oral medications but they can have side effects that effect the patient’s entire body. We will have all patients try topical medications first.  If we do prescribe oral medications, we only prescribe them for 3 months while the patient uses topical medications as well.

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