• Leg Vein Treatment: Sclerotherapy  3cc

Leg Vein Treatment: Sclerotherapy 3cc

$ 250.00


Sclerotherapy is an effective way to treat small and medium-sized blood vessels on the legs.  A surfactant (soap-like) agent is injected into the unsightly veins and causes them to collapse. 

Is it painful? Yes, but not unbearable.  Dr. Eberting has done sclerotherapy on her own veins as it is often the preferred method of treatment and is quite effective for the right veins.

Consultation: Please come in for a consultation or submit photos of your veins through our free on-line cosmetic consultation in our Online Clinic.  The cost is $250 per 3cc of treatment solution.  This will treat several veins. 

To get a very quick estimate of the cost for your vein treatment, please click on our online clinic and submit some photos (Free of Charge). 

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