• Electrocautery of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Electrocautery of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

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What are Sebacceous Hyperplasia? Sebaceous hyperplasia are annoying benign overgrowths of the oil-producing glands.  Once you hit your thirties, you may notice them starting to crop up.  As you age, you will get more of them.  These pesky little rascals are fortunately very easy to get rid of with the right treatment done by one of our skilled board certified dermatologists or our nurse practioner.

Who gets them and what causes them? Anyone can get them though they are more common in older men and those with oily skin types.

What causes them? Using overly heavy moisturizers can contribute to sebacceous hyperplasia.

Are there any good topical treatments? Yes. Try TrueLipids Hydrate, Correct & Perfect Lotion.  It is great at helping to balance out the correct lipid production on the skin

What is the treatment? Treatment consists of insertion of a very small electrode into the opening of the glad. The gland is heated until it is obliterated.  It is very important that you have someone who is experienced in this treatment to do the procedure as it is possible to overheat the skin leading to scarring.

Does it hurt? Yes. We won't lie. This is not a painless procedure.  The saving grace is that it is extremely fast and extremely worth it. Dr. Eberting even treats these on herself when she gets them so we won't recommend something that we don't really believe in.

What do I look like right after treatment? The treated areas will become dusky in appearance and may be a little swollen.

How long does it take until my skin goes back to normal?  It usually takes about 9-10 days until the skin is completely back to normal.

Is it affordable? Yes. Absolutely.  We charge by the number of spots.  Cost usually runs between $75 to $350.  

How many treatments are needed? Most people only need one treatment.  People who have lots and lots of these usually require two treatments.

Risks?  As stated above, there is a risk of scarring from this procedure though most people would prefer the mild scar to the unsightly bump.


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